a Note from the Owner - Matt Doner

1918 Adobe Homestead

I grew up in an adobe house on a family homestead in the far Southeastern corner of Colorado.  Built in 1918, the original two rooms where built of sod cut from the prairie grassland.  My Great Grandfather built in the tradition of vernacular construction, using locally sourced materials to build an efficient and sustainable shelter.  This was the way of our forefathers, build sustainable, build to last.  Following that same tradition, over 80 years later, my family built a straw-bale addition utilizing the waste from our wheat farming operations.  The beauty and warmth of our truly hand-made home was unmatched to anything I had known at the time.

Pegged Mortise and Tenon Joinery

Having been solely inspired to pursue building as a career, I began studying Construction Management at Colorado State University.  I was first introduced to traditional timber frame carpentry through a wood design course where I learned about the strength and beauty of mortise and tenon joinery.  Soon after, I found myself apprenticing for a local timber framer.  I read every book and journal I could get my hands on.  That experience propelled me on my quest to learn and practice the fine art and craft of traditional timber framing.   After graduating from CSU, I pursued a career as a timber framer working for various companies throughout Montana and Colorado.

I established Traditional Roots Joinery & Construction from my passion for timber frame carpentry and my devotion to build enduring, timeless structures.  I now have the great opportunity to pass on that same joy and passion for craftsmanship to eager clients looking for the age old beauty of timber building.  Thus began Traditional Roots Joinery & Construction, a company built from tradition, respect for nature, and the desire to inspire clients with the roots of our building past.

                                                                                                                                       -Matt Doner